Merlot Ladera Verde - 750ml

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Intense ruby red in color. Sweet aromas of black plum, blackberry, blueberry and maraschino cherry characterize this wine. Soft aromas of fruits such as melon and banana are complemented by notes of coconut, vanilla and crême brûlée. The palate is fruity, with juicy and soft tannins that added to the balanced acidity, deliver a long fruity finish with notes of cedar.

It goes well with flavourful meats cooked in a simple way (grilled, for example). Pork, turkey, pheasant and chicken are its classic pairs. Other all-time favourites are pastas and pizzas with tomato sauce. This wine is also smooth enough to accompany a salad toppled with cheese or cold cuts.

Type Red
Grape Merlot
Country Chile
ABV 13.5%

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